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If you would like to contribute to the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages project please contact us.


Please contact us if you have questions concerning the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages project, we are happy to take your enquiry through our Ask a Librarian request service.

We want to make the language lists and vocabularies available to the relevant local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

  • Do you know more about the collections, or language lists, and want to share information with us?
  • Can you  identify a language group that we have not yet mapped to an area on our discovery map?

We encourage open and respectful discussion on this website about projects related to language revitalisation.

You can contact the Indigenous Services team below:


T: +61 2 9273 1577
F: +61 2 9273 1269

Transcribing the Indigenous Language materials from the State Library collection

Collection items identified in the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages project have been made available on the Library’s transcription tool.

The transcriptions are a copy of the original document, and as such, may contain words or spelling that are not consistent with current understandings of language documentation. Some lists may also record words and meanings inaccurately.

In making these items accessible, we will be developing a quality assurance workflow that will seek feedback from experts where appropriate.

We are still in the process of consulting with communities about the collection items, and welcome feedback as the project develops. We are keen to seek the input of communities, or language specialists to transcribe more detailed linguistic materials and word lists. 

If you would like more information on the project please contact our Indigenous Services team